Digital Cinema Mastering

Digital Beach provides DCP conversion and mastering for filmmakers around the world. Whether it's for a film festival or a regional / national release of your production, Digital Beach will convert your project to DCP with guaranteed compatability for the target marketplace. Digital Beach will meet or beat any competitors price and deadline. We guarantee our quality and stand behind every DCP project.

Filmmakers often ask what is a DCP.

In the simplest terms, DCP is the digital equivalent of a 35mm film print. Designed as a worldwide standard, a Digital Cinema Package (DCP) can be used in any digital projector anywhere in the world.

Film projectors have vanished.

Virtually every new or modern movie theatre has replaced their film projectors with new Digital Cinema projectors and are digital only. That means you’ll need a DCP. Digital copies don’t degrade, so the last screening will look identical to the first.

You get what you pay for.

Many DCP encoding solutions have popped up in the last couple years. Many filmmakers feel they can cut costs by encoding a DCP themselves. But, to their disappointment, the quality of the DCP often leaves something to be desired, if it works at all. Quality DCP’s require specialized software and techniques, and a bit of finesse. There is to much that can go wrong in the mastering process. Have your DCP professionally encoded.

DCP Master Specifications (AMPAS)
Frame Rate:24FPS, 48FPS (HRF) DCI
Frame Rate:24, 35, 30 (SMPTE), 48, 50, 60 (HFR, SMPTE)
Color Space:XYZ
Video Format:HD - 1920x1080 (HD)
2K - 1998x1080 (1.85 Flat)
2K - 2048x858 (2.39 Scope)
2K - 2048x1080 (1.9:1 Full)
4K - 3996x2160 (1.85 Flat)
4K - 4096x1716 (2.39:1 Scope)
4K - 4096x2160 (1.9:1 Full)
Audio Format:24-bit, 48Khz uncompressed
Audio Mapping:1: Left
2: Right
3: Center
4: LFE
5: Left Surround
6: Right Surround
Encryption:KDM Encryption, Non-Encrypted
Shoot and edit in 24p.

If your intention is for D-Cinema release and theatrical screening, always shoot 24p. Since most buyers and festivals only accept 24p DCP’s, this will make your eventual DCP creation that much easier.

Color correct your film.

DCP and digital projection will make well-shot and color corrected footage look absolutely amazing. However, the flip-side applies as well. Poorly shot and uncorrected footage will magnify your films flaws. Ask how Digital Beach Films professional colorists can help your film reach it’s full potential.

To properly create your DCP, films should be provided to us with the following specifications:
Image Sequences:16-bit TIFF
10-bit DPX
Video Codec:Quicktime .MOV or .AVI
Apple ProRes 4444 XQ
Apple ProRes 4444
Apple ProRes 422 (HQ)
Apple ProRes 422
DNxHR 444
H.264 (High Profile)
Other digital formats can be accepted as well, but will have to be converted / up-converted prior to DCP encoding.
Color Space:sRGB
Rec709 2.2 gamma
Rec709 2.35 gamma
Rec709 2.4 gamma
P3 D65
It is the filmmakers responsibility to check the source material before delivery and specify the color space of their film. All films where a color space is not given shall be assumed sRGB at Rec709 2.2 gamma. All source material should be delivered in an RGB target color gamut. Only source material timed to P3 DCI color space will be accepted in XYZ color gamut.
Frame Rates:24 or 23.98
For best results use a frame rate of 23.98 or 24p. Frame rates of 50i or 60i are acceptable, but will need to be converted to 24p or 25p before a DCP can be made
Audio Format:5.1 Surround (Preferred), Stereo
Audio Mapping:1: Left
2: Right
3: Center
4: LFE
5: Left Surround
6: Right Surround

Digital Beach Films wants to help bring your creativity to the big screen. We know every starving artist has a budget. We take pride in the fact that we can work with EVERY filmmakers budget and provide the quality you expect!